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°°°°From the bottom of the heart welcome you to the sea itinerary website!You start the shopping before, please with quiet attention reading sea the itinerary website law declare.Your on the water itinerary website hand over the behavior of the shopping order and will be regarded as you to accept to the following contents:

1. Such as make because of the irresistible force or other beyond control reason of the itinerary website of sea sea the itinerary website system collapse or can't use normally and can't cause on-line bargain complete or throw lose relevant of information, record etc., sea the itinerary website does not undertake the responsibility.But the sea itinerary website will fulfil reasonable of possible help processing rehabilitation measures, and work hard to keep you from be subjected to the economic loss.

2. For the sake of the website of normal circulate, the sea itinerary website need to be periodical or don't carry on shutting down the maintenance to the website with regularity, the normal service that result in break off because of this type of circumstance, ask you to give the comprehension.Sea the itinerary website will make an effort to avoid the service interruption or will break off time restrict at most in a short time.

3 The sea itinerary website will guarantee possibly each sell of merchandise of quantity, to support your legal rights.The sea itinerary website will guarantee the SSL of the necessary information hand over in your on the water itinerary website shopping process possibly.

4. The merchandise information release on all on the waters itinerary website all is become the company inner part by the zhi to provide, therefore, should wait new hour company to is responsible for legitimacy and reliabilities of the merchandise information.Should wait the merchandise information to include but unlimited describe in the price, quantity of the merchandise, packing, picture, writing, after-sales service, deliver goods the way and deliver goods district etc..

5. The merchandise information( such as price, model number...etc.) that the sea itinerary website outward release such as because of the artificial not subjective mistake operation cause of have the convention of „£ of mistake, the sea itinerary website has already changed and refused the right of the bargain.

6. If meet such as the merchandise quantity because of the on the water itinerary website shopping, deliver the goods to delay, exchange the goods etc. controversy and dispute, you can according to the sea itinerary website the after-sales service promise and °∂ the People's Republic of China product quantity method °∑ etc. the law laws directly with the sea itinerary website the consultation solve, sea the itinerary website will carry on the consultation with you within the scope of its responsibility.Can't negotiate to solve of, you can tell toward the consumer association hurl or solve through the law path.


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