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  Hong Kong famous brand models Ocean Voyage, to the development of sophisticated navigation models, production sales reached 10. Products sell to distant places Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the U.S., Britain and other countries. With the rapid development of China's economy, and continual improvement in living standards, model aircraft for the public to pursue the noble leisure. Because of this, the sea journey in recent years has been the establishment of factories in Shenzhen and vigorously expand domestic operations, will provide the internationally renowned domestic friends Ocean Voyage products.
   Ocean Voyage with innovative, rigorous work, skilled development engineering team and the production department. For outstanding human resources and rich production experience and extensive collection of information from companies, the development and production of a number of full-handmade, the precise size, something its high degree, work fine, safe and reliable performance of the static display models and products. Assembly historic and unusual nature, artistic, sexual collections in one. Is the model lovers, the rhythm of life and easing tension in the modern urban people to carry out leisure noble model aircraft, the best option for training senior interest. In the "integrity, excellence" purposes, Ocean Voyage have been constantly improve the quality of your contribution to increased quality, excellent model products.

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